13th August

A misting damp that refused to move for the early morning put pay to much of the ringing attempt. Land-based migrants were thin on the ground, even after the rain passed, and single figures of Wheatear, Tree Pipit and Lesser Whitethroat were all we could muster. The sea was also far less productive than of late with just 17 Balearic Shearwaters and 35 Manx Shearwaters, however, some oddities driven in by the rough weather included singles of Grey Plover, Pomarine Skua and Storm Petrel

The slightly droopy Grey Phalarope looked to have met a rather unfortunate end this evening as the local Kestrel obviously noticed its sad looking posture. The Little Tern flock continued to dwindle, it can't be long now before they're all gone for another year. Smaller numbers of common waders were accompanied by a lone Knot, six Sanderlings and 16 Turnstones.

Not long after dropping in on the Grey Phalarope this evening we'd turned our back whereupon we heard it call several times as if it had taken flight; on looking round we couldn't see the bird but then noticed a Kestrel landing nearby with prey that it immediately started plucking. When approached for a clearer view of its hapless victim the Kestrel flew off still carrying its meal that, at least from the feathers left behind, looked very much like it had been the phalarope...© Martin Cade: