5th August

Just odds and ends again today in cool and at times showery conditions. Bird of the day was the year's first Green Woodpecker that visited a garden at Killicks Hill during the morning. A Reed Warbler was new at the Obs where, quite extraordinarily, the Willow Warbler tally again consisted of just one solitary individual. Even the wader totals weren't up to much, with Ferrybridge coming up with no more than 40 each of Ringed Plover and Dunlin, and 4 Sanderling; a lone Yellow-legged Gull also dropped in there. The sea was quieter than yesterday, with 6 Balearic Shearwaters and an Arctic Skua providing a little variety amongst a light movement of Manx Shearwaters through off the Bill; another Balearic Shearwater passed through off Chesil Cove.

Immigrant moth interest was minimal with, for example, just 10 individuals of very routine fare from the Obs traps.

Yellow-legged Gull - Ferrybridge, 5th August 2015 © Martin Cade

...slightly pointless use of video time, but just as we were about to take some stills it decided to up and fly off: