20th August

Another weather shocker today saw drizzle and reduced visibility dominate proceedings and prevent much in the way of serious fieldwork. Fortunately it was at times possible to open a few nets at the Obs and they turned up the day's highlight when a Melodious Warbler was trapped late in the afternoon. Grounded migrants didn't otherwise look to be at all numerous, with singles of Whinchat and Redstart the best on offer in the Bill area and 2 Whimbrel the pick of the waders at Ferrybridge; a Great Spotted Woodpecker - perhaps the long-stayer - was also at Easton. During the few spells that serious seawatching was possible 5 Balearic Shearwaters were still lingering off the Bill, where a lone Arctic Skua also passed through.

Moth-trapping was for the most past disappointing so the appearance of 3 Convolvulus Hawk-moths and a Ni Moth at West Grove Terrace was a slight surprise.

Melodious Warbler and Convolvulus Hawk-moths - Portland Bill and the Grove, 20th August 2015 © Martin Cade