25th July

Portland Bill Swallow 200, Sand Martin 100, Swift 30, Willow Warbler 5, Grey Heron 2, Dunlin 2, Ringed Plover 1, Sedge Warbler 2, Lesser Whitethroat 1.

Portland Bill seawatching Mediterranean Gull 160west, Manx Shearwater 61, Guillemot 3 (local breeders have all departed), Black-headed Gull 1, Great Skua 1.

Moths PBO Diamond-back Moth 64, Silver y 37, Four-spotted Footman 3, Rusty-dot Pearl 3, Marbled Piercer 2, Gold Spot 1 + Red Admiral butterfly 1. Sweethill Flame Carpet 1. Reap Lane Scorched Carpet 1. Weston Wax Moth 1. Grove Maiden's Blush 1, Slender Brindle 1.

Bug-filled sunflower heads at the Bill were proving popular with some of today's Swallows © Martin Cade:  

Although the early stages of the current hot spell were fantastic for moth-trapping with huge catches and lots of interesting dispersal, latterly things have quietened right down, with catches much diminished and interest dwindling. A few island oddities are still putting in appearances, with this Flame Carpet at Sweethill one of last night's better captures © Debby Saunders: