8th May

With the rain setting in before dusk the previous evening it didn't look too hopeful for land-based migration this morning - this assessment turned out to be quite correct with one of the quietest days on the land so far this spring. The day's saving grace was the sea with a strong southeasterly blow bringing in a few of the expected treats: Chesil saw the cream of the crop that included 15 Arctic Skuas, at least 3 Pomarine Skuas and 2 Great Skuas; watches from the Bill added a few extras to the list including at least 3 more Great Skuas, a Great Northern Diver and a Shoveler. The handful of new grounded migrants included single Cuckoos at Church Ope Cove and Suckthumb, whilst the lingering Turtle Dove was still about at Southwell.

The Turtle Dove continued its residency at Southwell and today ventured into another birder's garden...© Nick Stantiford

...whilst in its more usual haunt a few gardens away it's beginning to get really quite bolshie © Debby Saunders