15th November

Sure signs of the end of autumn today with passage reduced to the point of being almost non-existent. The cumulative total of new thrushes didn't even get into double figures at the Bill where a handful of Chaffinches dropped in and a tardy Swallow passed through; 2 Firecrests at Pennsylvania Castle were perhaps more likely winterers than new arrivals. Ferrybridge and Portland Harbour remained busy with Goosanders increasing to 12 and 1750 Dark-bellied Brents, 500 Mediterranean Gulls, 4 Pale-bellied Brents and singles of Great Northern Diver, Black Brant and Pintail also packed in there.

A breezier night saw immigrant moth numbers pegged back, with 41 Rusty-dot Pearl, 2 Rush Veneer, 2 White-speck and a Pearly Underwing trapped at the Obs; another White-speck was among the catch at Sweethill.

The Ferrybridge/Portland Harbour Goosanders continue to increase and mirror a similar influx during the 2010-11 winter when the highest count was 15 (which remains the island record) © Debby Saunders