10th November

Whilst there's still more than enough time for autumn to have some action up its sleeve today had a depressingly end of season feel about it with, for example, nothing new trapped and ringed in several hours of trying at the Obs. What movement there was took place overhead, with 125 Chaffinches, 65 Linnets, 50 Goldfinches and a Brambling through at the Bill where, the lingering Siberian Lesser Whitethroat aside, a lone Redwing was the only obvious new arrival on the ground. The sea reverted to type, with nothing more than 6 Brent Geese through off the Bill. Elsewhere there was a Black Redstart at Church Ope Cove and 20 Bar-tailed Godwits and 4 Grey Plover amongst a routine selection at Ferrybridge.

A few immigrant moths still on the wing included 3 Silver Y, a Diamond-back Moth and a Rush Veneer caught overnight at the Obs.