4th July

Quiet but at times quite murky/foggy conditions saw a couple of new arrivals drop in at the Obs: a Serin lingered longer than usual and a Garden Warbler was giving occasional bursts of half-hearted song; a Grey Wagtail was also of note at the Bill. Overnight, another Storm Petrel was sound-lured and ringed at the Bill but a routine selection on the sea during the day included 20 Common Scoter and 7 Mediterranean Gulls.

Evidence of some renewed lepidoptera immigration came in the form of a Clouded Yellow at the Bill and overnight captures of 2 Vestals at Blacknor and a European Corn-borer at the Obs; routine immigrants hardly increased at all, with just 8 Rusty-dot Pearl and a Rush Veneer making up the tally at the Obs.

Clouded Yellow and Serin - Portland Bill, 4th July 2016 © Ted Pressey (Clouded Yellow) and Martin Cade (Serin)

...apart from giving plenty of typical calls and a bit of brief song the Serin also indulged in periods of giving much less frequently heard calls: