15th July

The last couple of day's migration momentum dissipated today, with Sand Martins not even getting into double figures and nothing much more than singles of Redshank and Reed Warbler on the land and 10 Common Scoter through on the sea to provide further interest at the Bill. Elsewhere there were 7 Sanderling and 3 Whimbrel at Ferrybridge.

Odds and ends by way of immigrants/wanderers making it into the moth-traps included a Barred Red at Sweethil and 21 Diamond-back Moth, 3 Rusty-dot Pearl, 3 Silver Y and singles of Rush Veneer, Dark Sword Grass and Slender Brindle at the Obs

Last night's petrel-luring session at the Bill was entertaining even if it was no more productive than others have been this summer. Although only four birds were trapped it was sufficiently clear and moonlit that these and several others were easily visible as they whizzed around after being attracted in - if you're only used to seeing Storm Petrels fluttering slowly through the waves on a seawatch then the sight of them zipping around erratically in the half-light way above net height comes as quite a revelation! We've probably remarked before on how as the season advances so the birds tend to get a good deal more vocal, and that proved to be the case last night. One individual was especially noisy, giving a host of churrs and other peculiar calls as it flew about before blundering into the net; once in the hand it still wouldn't shut up so we switched off the lure for a while and recorded it with the phone whilst it was being ringed: