30th July

With clear skies from dawn until dusk, it was hardly surprising that things remained in a similar fashion, although a stiff North-westerly continues to hamper our ringing effort in the Crown Estate field. The days reports were confined to the bill where 100 Willow Warblers, 11 Wheatears, 10 Sedge Warblers, 5 Whitethroat, 3 Song Thrushes and one of Spotted and Pied Flycatcher. The sea remained quiet with just 7 Common Scoter, 2 Manx Shearwater and Singles of Redshank, Balearic Shearwater and Commic Tern. 90 Dunlin, 48 Ringed Plover, 2 Turnstone, a Whimbrel, a Common Sandpiper and Common Gull were at Ferrybridge.

The Obs Moth Traps were very busy again, Rusty Dot Pearl was well represented with 102, along with 2 Dark Spinach and Marbled Yellow Pearl Evergestis Extimalis. However it was the traps further up island that stole the show. The Islands second record of Pearl-band Grass Veneer Catoptria margaritella was trapped at Southwell and the third island record of Lesser-spotted pinion at reap lane. Painted Lady and Clouded Yellow are regularly putting in an appearance at the bill this week with 4 individuals of the latter seen today.


Lesser-spotted pinion - Reap Lane, Painted Lady - The Bill and Pearl-band Grass Veneer Catoptria margaritella - Southwell © Joe Stockwell (Lesser-spotted Pinion and Painted lady) and Debby Saunders (Catoptria margaritella)