24th June

A continuation of the clear blue skies and gentle breeze of yesterday but with some added heat gave the impression that summer is well and truly underway. This was supported by the general lack of migrants across a well covered lower half of the island. After the fleeting glimpses of yesterday's Serin, it was a relief today to get some views of a stunning male giving bursts of song as it roamed between the Bill and the Obs garden. The day's supporting cast included a strong passage of 72 Swifts over the Obs, 9 Crossbills and a Hobby over Easton, the lingering Rosy Starlings at Weston and a new Chiffchaff in Top Fields. A few birds of note on the sea included a Bonxie harassing the gull flock (the latter topped four figures so made for a spectacular sight whenever they were spooked by the Bonxie) and a Balearic Shearwater also associating with the gulls.

Although the Serin spent several hours in and around the Obs garden this photo gives the entirely erroneous impression that it was showing well which generally it wasn't since it spent the best part of the time hidden in dense cover or in flight...

...however, it was singing really well at times © Martin Cade: