12th June

After threatening for a couple of days the island finally took a hit from the rain that's been circulating around a low pressure area to the west; however, this was not before the Rosy Starling reappeared at the Bill and showed for rather longer than it did the day before yesterday. A Quail was also a new arrival at this time even if it couldn't actually be pinned down properly until the clearance came during the evening. Migrant interest otherwise consisted of a Spotted Flycatcher at the Bill, a Yellow-legged Gull offshore and a trickle of displaced Swifts overhead.

Today's Rosy Starling was a bit of a chameleon that looked alternately drably-plumaged or surprisingly bright as the light changed, however, there didn't seem to be any obvious reason why it wasn't the individual that was in the same vicinity the day before yesterday © Martin Cade:

We first had a fleeting hearing of a Quail whilst watching the Rosy Starling during the morning but it was so brief that we hadn't a clue where it had sung from and the onset of heavy rain scuppered any chance of locating it. Come the improved conditions during the evening it sung again from time to time when it could be pinned down to the Strips and, whilst we were making a sound recording, even afforded a view of its head as it moved along one of the dividing banks between the 'lawns'.

What followed though was most unexpected: for no apparent reason it took flight and landed in one of the Crown Estate Field stewardship strips where, due to this spring's drought, the crop's sparse enough that it was barely concealed; here it afforded remarkably good views before quickly slinking away into more appropriate cover © Martin Cade