20th June

Certainly not a day to write home about - at least not until after dark when news of a Rosy Starling photographed by a member of the public in a private garden at Weston surfaced via a local Facebook page. The dawn cloud cover and associated warm, humid air had given the birders some early hope, but migrants were soon revealed to be scarce across the board with the only real highlights being a Whimbrel heading west at sea and a singing Reed Warbler in Culverwell. A limited supporting cast on the sea featured low numbers of all the usual suspects as well as a handful of Manx Shearwaters, and seven each of Sandwich and Common Tern.

The Kittiwakes seem to have all but abandoned the West Cliffs breeding sites of old so its always a relief to see younger birds amongst the feeding flocks lingering offshore - perhaps they'll prove to be the founders of a new colony © Pete Saunders: