27th November

Sporadic but heavy showers made birding rather difficult. Those that managed to make the dash between bursts of rain saw flurries of birds including flocks of Long-tailed Tits, the remaining Yellow-browed Warbler and a handful of crests. Early morning saw the departure of the usual winter thrushes but the highlight was a Woodcock, rescued from the pavements of Weymouth the previous night, that was released in the garden. Ferrybridge remained unchanged with the Great Northern Diver still on show with the, now expected, cohort of waders and geese.

Often seen pelting away from between your feet, its always a pleasure to see Woodcocks up close with their massive eyes and brilliant camouflage © Erin Taylor:

The showy Great Northern Diver at Ferrybridge continued to display to its audience © Pete Saunders: