5th November

As a bit of a novelty for this late autumn today dawned with a veritable cacophony of grounded migrants immediately audible; the gathering light soon revealed that the fall consisted almost exclusively of Goldcrests but the 40 or more evident at the Obs represented easily the best arrival of a species that's hitherto been woefully under-represented this season. Sadly, it was also quickly evident that precious little else had dropped in, with thrushes in particular being conspicuously few and far between; a brief Yellow-browed Warbler did show up at the Obs, whilst elsewhere 5 Woodlarks at Broadcroft, a Merlin at Suckthumb and a scatter of 4 Black Redstarts were also discovered. Visible passage was largely limited to 350 Starlings and a trickle of Chaffinches passing through over the Bill. A second Black Brant joined the individual already present at Ferrybridge, with 4 Pale-bellied Brents and 10 overflying Canada Geese also of note there; nearby, Black-necked Grebes increased to 9 in Portland Harbour.

The new Black Brant and 4 Pale-bellied Brents at Ferrybridge © Pete Saunders... 

...and the Chesil Cove Black Redstart © Mark Eggleton: