3rd September

Another day that'll be quickly forgotten, with little sign that the recent migration hiatus might be coming to an end. Yellow Wagtail, Wheatear and Sedge Warbler managed double figure totals at the Bill but there was precious little else of note on the land; despite the constantly freshening wind 3 Balearic Shearwaters provided the only interest on the sea there. Three Knot, a Sanderling and an Arctic Tern were the pick of the day's Ferrybridge sightings.

The immigrant moth tally dwindled still further, with just 4 Rusty-dot Pearl, 3 Rush Veneer and a Convolvulus Hawk-moth caught overnight at the Obs.

The absence of birds gives an opportunity to catch up with a couple of moths of interest from the last week. This Portland Moth (...the vernacular name commemorates a former Duchess of Portland rather than the Isle of Portland) at the Obs on 1st September was only the second island record during the modern era:

...whilst this Square-spot Dart at the Grove on 29th August was only the fourth island record; since all four records have occurred during the last five years we wonder if the species mightn't have become established somewhere around the edge of the island © Martin Cade: