1st September

With the weather having reverted back to 'far too nice for a fall' conditions it wasn't at all surprising that with a couple of exceptions grounded migrants were pretty hard to come by in anything other than ones and twos. Another pulse of Yellow Wagtails did show up, with perhaps 100 dotted about at the Bill, whilst the Wheatear total there got past 50; beyond those two species it was downhill all the way, with the first Firecrest of the season the only minor highlight at the Bill. The light smattering of migrants elsewhere included a Greenshank of note at Ferrybridge.

Red Admiral butterflies increased very conspicuously, with a steady northbound passage apparent at the Bill and elsewhere (sample counts included about 1 a minute through along East Cliffs at the Bill and about 30 through in 2 hours at Reap Lane/Barleycrates Lane); totals of settled Red Admirals included more than 100 in the Obs garden.

Immigrant moth totals included 12 Rush Veneer, 11 Dark Sword Grass, 7 Rusty-dot Pearl, 6 Scarce Bordered Straw, 5 Silver Y, 4 Pearly Underwing and singles of Delicate and Ni Moth at the Obs.

Yellow Wagtail and Redstart at Southwell © Nick Stantiford:

Common Buzzard over Southwell and Bar-tailed Godwit at Ferrybridge © Pete Saunders: