13th September

Some pretty freakish weather - a succession of thunderstorms through the middle of the day were accompanied by an inexorable rise in temperature and humidity that was still continuing after dark - offered the hope of a change in fortunes on the migrant front but in the event, bar brief sightings of a Wryneck and 3 Ortolan Buntings in the Avalanche Road/Coombefield area and a Marsh Harrier over Weston, there was precious little happening. Swallows were still on the move in good numbers and Meadow Pipits begun to dominate the pipit and wagtail tally overhead, but on the ground Wheatears were only thinly spread everywhere and the likes of Whinchat, Blackcap, Whitethroat, Willow Warbler and Chiffchaff could only struggle up to around half-dozen totals at the Bill. The sea did manage to chip in with another 6 Balearic Shearwaters, 2 Arctic Skuas and a Sooty Shearwater through off the Bill.

On the moth front, singles of Marbled Yellow Pearl E. extimalis, Oblique Carpet and Latticed Heath at the Obs and Vestal at the Grove - along with single Convolvulus Hawk-moths at both sites - hinted at there being some immigration afoot, even if the totals of more routine immigrants hardly changed.

Marbled Yellow Pearl, Oblique Carpet and Latticed Heath were the pick of the night's immigrant moth captures at the Obs...

...although this unseasonable Figure of 80 from Duncan Walbridge's garden at Weston was perhaps an even odder record:

We'd also forgotten to mention an Oak Hook-tip from yesterday's Grove traps - less than annual at Portland, this record has coincided with further singles at two sites in the Weymouth area all © Martin Cade