9th August

In a briskish wind and under mainly clear skies interest was relatively hard to come by today. Singles of White Wagtail and Redstart were the pick of the passerines at the Bill, where evidence suggested a fair few of the limited numbers of commoner fare on offer were lingers from recent days. New arrivals at Ferrybridge included singles of Golden Plover, Redshank and Common Sandpiper. The heightened interest in the sea ahead of tomorrow's depression came up with little more than 2 Balearic Shearwaters, 2 Arctic Skuas and a trickle of Manx Shearwaters through off the Bill.

In comparison with recent weeks, overnight moth activity was very subdued, although a Tree-lichen Beauty at Sweethill was a notable highlight amongst otherwise paltry numbers of immigrants.

Gannet, Lesser Black-backed Gull, Golden Plover, Redshank, Emperor and Tree-lichen Beauty - Portland Bill, Reap Lane, Ferrybridge, Easton and Southwell, 9th August 2014 © Keith Pritchard Gulls and Terns (Gannet), Matt Phipps (LBBGull), Pete Saunders (Golden Plover), Ken Dolbear (Emperor) and Debby Saunders (Redshank and Tree-lichen Beauty)