10th August

Portland Bill
Grounded migrants Wheatear 40, Willow Warbler 20, Sedge Warbler 5, Pied Flycatcher 2, Yellow-legged Gull 1, Blackcap 1, Garden Warbler 1.
Visible passage Swallow 200e, Sand Martin 180e, Redshank 1.
Sea passage Balearic Shearwater 60e, Common Scoter 5w 3e, Lesser Black-backed Gull 14s, Sandwich Tern 3e, Teal 2e, Arctic Skua 2e.

Mediterranean Gull c1000, Sanderling 2, Knot 1, Whimbrel 1, Redshank 1.

Selected immigrants Obs: Rush Veneer 18, Rusty-dot Pearl 10, Dark Sword Grass 7, Pearly Underwing 3, Diamond-back Moth 1, Silver Y 1, Small Mottled Willow 1; Grove: Lesser-spotted Pinion 1, Saltmarsh Knot-horn A. oblitella 1.

This morning's Whimbrel at Ferrybridge © Pete Saunders:

Spot the differences between the two Sedge Warbler age classes at this time of year - the adults have been wearing the same set of feathers for ten months or so (...and won't moult them until they get to Africa) whereas the youngsters are more or less mint fresh © Martin Cade:

Saltmarsh Knot-horn Ancylosis oblitella is an occasional stray in the moth-traps at this time of year, often during spells of hot easterly weather; far from annual here and presumably originating from southeast England or the near Continent, they tend to arrive in little influxes so the singles yesterday and today at the Obs and the Grove respectively may prove to be the precursors of a few more © Martin Cade: