26th May

A drop in the wind and a glimmer of sunshine peaking out from the clouds made for a fractionally warmer day than of late (although still not up to normal May standards). A very small smattering of additional migrants included six Spotted Flycatchers at the Bill- plus one at Suckthumb Quarry - two Willow Warblers at the Obs and Southwell, and singles of Blackcap and Sedge Warbler at Culverwell with the added bonus of a late passage of Swallows. A rather disappointing sea-watch brought little in the way of variety but a consistent trickle of Manx Shearwaters meant observers were still watching when a lone Great Northern Diver passed by and solitary resident Puffin did a fly-past.

Wheatear AFD7939 was ringed as a fledgling in the Bill Quarry on 17th June 2019. His mum was ringed as a fledgling the previous year also in the Bill Quarry, and his father is also his grandfather - he now has a territory with an unringed female in attendance along the east cliffs © Erin Taylor:

Double, double toil and trouble... the Cheyne Raven chicks are roaming and wreaking havoc with the local crows © Erin Taylor

Some of this morning's Manx Shearwaters © Paul Ward: