21st May

The wild conditions that blew in yesterday afternoon not only reached a crescendo during the hours of darkness but maintained that crescendo for the best part of the day - it really didn't feel a lot like May. In days of yore, a summer gale like this would have produced at least a three-figure total of Storm Petrels but, sadly, those days are long gone and a lot of effort today came up with just a measly singleton at Chesil Cove; 6 Arctic Skuas and a few Manx Shearwaters were almost the sum total of whatever else could be mustered from there and the Bill. A big improvement in wader numbers saw 90 Sanderling and 45 Dunlin logged at Ferrybridge.

The good-sized wader flock was a welcome sight at Ferrybridge...

...but a party of 3 Arctic Skuas - presumably the same group that had earlier been off Chesil - stole the show there © Debby Saunders: