14th August

We'll be hosting an In Focus field event at the Obs between 10 am and 4pm this Sunday, 16th August

The murky skies introduced in the wake of yesterday's heavy rain did the trick and grounded migrants in some numbers today. Pied Flycatcher was the feature species, with the logged total of 30 at the Bill being considered likely an underestimate as, based on evidence from the mist-nets, newcomers were dropping in all day (the total of 18 ringed at the Obs was higher than a lot of recent annual totals there). Willow Warbler numbered around 100 at the Bill, where further lesser totals included 30 Wheatears, 8 Spotted Flycatchers and 4 Redstarts, along with 200 Swifts overhead. Waders figured well even if a Little Ringed Plover at Ferrybridge was the only slightly out of the ordinary constituent. Rarity-wise, a mobile Rosy Starling at first Reap Lane and later Weston topped off the day nicely.

We're probably supposed to be dispassionate about this sort of the thing but sometimes it's great to just indulge in some good bits of birds in the hand; a Redstart's tail...

...a Pied Flycatcher's tertials...

...and it is always quite educational - spot the differences here between an adult Spotted Flycatcher (top) and a youngster (bottom) © Martin Cade:

As well as being nice rarities, some of the moths in recent nights have been super-smart; Beautiful Marbled, Pale Shoulder and Bedstraw Hawkmoth © Martin Cade: