8th October

There might be a mouth-watering selection of American vagrants making it to Ireland but the constant westerly battering is doing us no good at all. Two passing Woodlarks were a minor highlight amongst a decent diurnal movement over the Bill that also included more than 530 Linnets in 80 minutes and a single Merlin. Grounded nocturnal arrivals though were really poorly represented, with the Wryneck still present at the Coastguard Cottages and a Firecrest at Avalanche Road but precious little by way of routine newcomers. Despite the strength of the wind the only worthwhile reports from the sea were of 2 Balearic Shearwaters and an Arctic Skua through off the Bill.

We had an interesting visit today from local resident Brian Keel who brought us photos and video of a praying mantis he'd found last week in a summerhouse in his garden near Easton. We're not sure whether any of the mantids are able to survive at liberty in the UK in the manner of, for example, stick insects in the West Country but it'll be worth keeping an eye out for them © Brian Keel: