13th December

Ferrybridge and Portland Harbour provided most of the day's interest, at the former notably with a second Black Brant joining the individual that's been present throughout the winter; 5 Pale-bellied Brents were also there, whilst 8 Black-necked Grebes, 4 Eider and 3 Great Northern Divers were in the harbour. Three new Redwings dropped in at the Bill where both wintering Water Rails were still about and a Great Northern Diver passed through on the sea; elsewhere, a Chiffchaff was at Sweethill.

Despite promising looking conditions singles of Rusty-dot Pearl and Silver Y were the only immigrants that made it into the Obs moth-traps.

The two Black Brants © Debby Saunders:

Although there was a no-show on the rare immigrant front there was a little interest amongst the rest of the overnight moth catch; late singles of Brick and Black Rustic were of note at the Obs where a Mottled Umber was the pick of the catch - island records of this species are only just about annual:

A December Moth - only the fifth island record - was the best of the catch at the Grove: