1st June

Just when we'd like to see easterlies set in to waft us the June rares so we were treated to the onset of what felt a lot like an autumnal storm - seasonable weather it certainly isn't. The sea got a lot more attention than the land but there was hardly a bonanza of waifs moving ahead of the storm: off the Bill Manx Shearwaters got well into four figures before they started moving in both directions to mess up the count, but 2 passing Great Skuas were the only slightly unexpected sightings. The land was always hard work in the freshening wind and singles of Whimbrel, Blackcap and Spotted Flycatcher were the only new arrivals logged.

Peregrine - Portland Bill, 1st June 2015 © Roger Hewitt

The redeeming feature of there not being much to report is that we can catch up with other jobs, one of which is to spend a bit more time on Nick Hopper's nocturnal recordings. Amongst the batch that Nick's sent us this evening there are a few that qualify for the downright wacky category we touched on a few days ago. What's a Whitethroat doing giving a half-hearted burst of song at 1.30 in the morning? - has it just dropped in?...is it one of the breeders that's suddenly got the urge?

...and what's this flutey thing at 3.30 in the morning - could it be a Golden Oriole? - what is it if it isn't a Golden Oriole?

...and as for this one - is there any explanation other than a Badger or a Fox breaking wind?