4th June

Contrary to the forecast the day wasn't a wash-out and there was plenty of time to establish that it remained pretty quiet for birds. Two single Willow Warblers were the only apparent new arrivals on the land at the Bill, where 100 or more Manx Shearwaters were lingering offshore and 2 Whimbrel and singles of Balearic Shearwater and Arctic Skua passed through on the sea. Wader numbers increased through the day at Ferrybridge, with 17 Sanderling present by the evening, whilst the unseasonable Black-throated Diver remained in Portland Harbour.

Moth immigrant activity was restricted to just a single Dark Sword Grass caught overnight at the Obs.


 Mottled Marble, Narrow-winged Pug and Spruce Carpet - Portland Bill, 3rd June 2014 © Martin Cade 
...we didn't get round to photographing yesterday's minor haul of dispersing moths until this morning; sadly, today didn't come up with anything nearly as interesting.