29th May

We were preparing to write a blog about how, despite an overall lack of birds, it was an absolutely glorious day full of sunshine and a gentle sea breeze. Although it definitely was that, the day was improved immeasurably by the news of a Woodchat Shrike at Nicodemus Knob (a column of rock left from the quarry used to create the breakwaters of the harbour). The supporting cast on the land included a Grasshopper Warbler at Tout Quarry, a singing Reed Warbler at the Higher Light and a Hobby through north at the Bill. The sea was quiet at the Bill but a single Pomarine Skua more than made up for that. Elsewhere, the miscellany at Ferrybridge included 8 Sanderling, 6 Canada Geese and a Redshank.

The area between Fancy's Farm and the Borstal appears perfect for shrikes although, until today, we don't recollect that there's ever been one there. Fortunately, a passing member of the public was attentive enough to not only notice the Woodchat but also work out what it was and pass us the news - many thanks Jennifer Elkin! © Andy Luckhurst (settled stills), Pete Saunders (flight still) and Martin Cade (video):

The Ferrybridge resident Little Terns have settled in nicely and the nearby breakwater Canada Goose population is clearly on the rise © Pete Saunders