26th September

A blistering sunshine filled day came up with an early highlight in the form of a Caspian Gull that spent a few minutes in the fields along East Cliffs. A brief pause in the Meadow Pipit passage we have been experiencing was soon evident but the hirundines, wagtails and finches remained true to their usual form and put in a strong showing, including 42 Siskins over the obs. Reed Buntings are also becoming a frequent addition to the day tallies as the autumn draws on. A Tree Sparrow added some much needed variety to the proceedings but it was the Hirundines that stole the show with a monumental passage of Swallows and House Martins with a few Sand Martins tagging along for the ride.

The not inconsiderable gulling effort put in over recent weeks eventually paid dividends with Portland's fourth Caspian Gull © Keith Pritchard: 

The Buzzards always get a bit of stick when they enter the immediate vicinity of the lighthouse (the frequent haunt of the Jackdaw flock) and this cracking action shot sums up their usual reception © Martin King: 

The clear skies have been pretty useless for grounding birds but brilliant for sunsets... © Martin King: