21st December

Today's only real change came from Portland Harbour where the Eiders increased to 10 and a Common Scoter also showed up; 11 Black-necked Grebes, at least 10 Goosanders and 2 Great Northern Divers were also there. A routine list from the Bill included 5 Purple Sandpipers and a Black Redstart on the land and 10 Common Scoter and a Red-throated Diver through on the sea, whilst 4 Redwings and a Chiffchaff were at Southwell. Although several visitors were given directions to the Hume's Warbler none retuned with either positive or negative news of it.

The rapid return of mild air saw a Rusty-dot Pearl provide immigrant interest in the Obs moth-traps.

Barn Owls have been a constant presence around the south of the island for several weeks; at the Bill they're active almost exclusively during the hours of darkness but at Southwell they're sporadic visitors after dawn and before dusk - we're not sure whether it's the same individuals that are involved in the two areas © Debby Saunders: