3rd September

Samey conditions came up a samey migrant list, with the notable exception of a Barred Warbler discovered at Culverwell; the Wryneck lingering on at the Pulpit Bushes and an Osprey over Blacknor provided further scarcity interest. Numbers weren't a feature on the ground although there was a fair bit of variety, with the likes of singles of Great Spotted Woodpecker, Turtle Dove and Grasshopper Warbler of interest at the Bill, where common migrant totals included 50 Wheatears, 25 Willow Warblers and 10 Blackcaps. Overhead passage there was fairly subdued under heavy cloud cover but still included 24 Tree Pipits and 20 Yellow Wagtails.

The recent run of busy moth-traps continued, with the strong showing of immigrants at the Obs including totals of 49 Dark Sword Grass, 45 Silver Y and 32 Rush Veneer, along with scarcer visitors that included 4 Scarce Bordered Straw, 2 White-speck and singles of Vestal, Convolvulus Hawk-moth, Delicate, Bordered Straw and Small Mottled Willow.