22nd June

The Hooded Crow put in another appearance at the Bill during the morning when it was watched flying in off the sea (although it hasn't been reported for a couple of days it's most likely been around, but interest in it has dwindled and, as far as we know, its favourite haunt at the Grove pig farm hasn't been checked). Returning migrants included another 5 Sand Martins and another 4 Black-headed Gulls through at the Bill, whilst 18 Common Scoter and 5 Manx Shearwaters passed through on the sea there.

A strong immigration of Red Admirals was evident at times today: early in the morning 44 flew north in 20 minutes along West Cliffs at the Bill, whilst in the late afternoon/early evening there was a steady northbound movement of singles every few minutes through the Ferrybridge/Chesil Beach area; a single individual was also caught overnight in one of the Obs garden moth-traps. Five Small Tortoiseshells also passed through amongst the early morning movement along West Cliffs. The tally of immigrants/wanderers in the Obs garden moth-traps included 22 Rusty-dot Pearl, 9 Silver Y and singles of Diamond-back Moth, Scallop Shell and Cream-bordered Green Pea, whilst a Marbled White-spot was the best of the non-residents at the Grove.

A few photos from the day to follow tomorrow.