17th September

Variety with the weather and variety on the bird front today. The weather was all over the place, with electric storms, torrential rain, bright sunshine and steaming humidity all featuring at times and all in their own way messing up birding opportunities. A Cory's Shearwater off the Bill was the day's birding highlight, with that coming out of seawatching sessions that otherwise didn't produce much more than 31 Balearic Shearwaters. The land was only a little more productive with an elusive Barred Warbler at the Obs Quarry - likely to be a reappearance of the bird trapped last week although the views were never prolonged enough to establish that fact for sure - the pick of a thin but varied selection of more expected fare on the ground; overhead, singles of Lapwing and Ruff were oddities at the Bill, with the latter also pitching up at Ferrybridge where a Little Stint was also a brief visitor.

After flying overhead at the Bill, the Ruff later appeared looking rather incongruous on the sandflats at Ferrybridge © Martin Cade: