2nd September

It really seems that routine migration remains vectored well away from Portland: last night's heavy cloud cover and threat of rain did precious little for numbers by day and the evidence from the nocmig recorder suggests that there aren't the birds on the move overnight either (for example, our highest Tree Pipit total during this passage period has been just 57 on 26th/27th August - in the recent years, overnight totals well into the hundreds have been quite usual at this time of year). For anyone Larus-inclined Portland's earliest ever Caspian Gull was a nice highlight, whilst a fly-by Osprey was missed by most once it had vanished into the low cloud associated with the passing of the day's only brief shower.

Portland Bill
Migrants Wheatear 30, Yellow Wagtail 20, Whinchat 11, Willow Warbler 10, Grey Wagtail 6, Tree Pipit 5, Swift 3, Sedge Warbler 3, with singles including Caspian Gull, Yellow-legged Gull and Pied Flycatcher.
Sea passage Gannet 350e, Common Scoter 4e 1w, Teal 3e, Arctic Skua 3w.

Tout Quarry
Osprey 1s.

Selected immigrants Obs: Rusty-dot Pearl 62, Rush Veneer 16, Pearly Underwing 8, Silver Y 8, Turnip 6, Diamond-back 4, Dark Sword Grass 4, White-streak Grass-veneer A. latistria 3, Blotched Marble E. quadrimaculana 1, Saltmarsh Knot-horn A. oblitella 1, Convolvulus Hawkmoth 1, Delicate 1.

The island's previous earliest autumn date for Caspian Gull was 30th September so today's bird very significantly increases the potential occurrence window (the latest date is 21st November) © Martin Cade: