20th July

Portland Bill
Manx Shearwater 26w, Arctic Skua 2etc, Mediterranean Gull c50etc, Yellow-legged Gull 1, Sandwich Tern 1w, Sand Martin 10w.

Ringed Plover 17, Dunlin 45, Sanderling 4, Redshank 2.

The two Redshanks at Ferrybridge © Pete Saunders:

It's not often that such a well-worked place as Portland records two additions to the moth list in one night but the weather front that swept away the intense heat of the previous two days stirred things up enough that a Plumed Fan-foot dropped in at Sweethill and a Small Scallop showed up at the Obs. Although far rarer at a county level (there'd only been one previous Dorset record) it could be argued that the Plumed Fan-foot was marginally the more likely of the two to reach Portland first since it's been spreading inexorably westward after first arriving in Kent more than 25 years ago. Small Scallop is a far more widely distributed moth but is very local in Dorset where it forms no more than isolated colonies here and there in the east and north of the county and doesn't look to have much of a propensity to wander. With a back-up cast of the likes of Splendid Brocade, Scarce Bordered Straw and several Vagrant Piercer Cydia amplana it's surely most likely that these two moths arrived on the island from across the Channel rather than from elsewhere in southern England © Debby Saunders (Plumed Fan-foot) and Martin Cade (Small Scallop):