16th May

After a spectacularly turbulent night that saw a series of electric storms rumble in off the Channel the damp and surprisingly breezy dawn looked to hold some promise as a series of new arrivals burst into song at the Obs: the singles of Redstart, Sedge Warbler, Garden Warbler and Willow Warbler logged in this manner were soon joined on the day-sheet by several Spotted Flycatchers, with several Wheatears and a Reed Warbler soon reported by the first arriving fieldworkers. Sadly, it was more or less downhill all the way after this propitious start, with a Jay that dropped in briefly at the Obs during the afternoon by far the best from the subsequent rounds. The sea continued to be worth at least some attention, with 2 Arctic Skuas and singles of Great Northern Diver and Great Skua through off the Bill.  

Ordinarily, Portland would have been expected to fare well lepidoptera-wise out of the prevailing conditions but it seems most of the night's immigrant interest occurred in southwest England and Wales, with the Obs moth-traps accumulating totals of no more than 44 Rusty-dot Pearls and 18 Diamond-back Moths. By day, odd ones and twos of Painted Lady were recorded throughout the island.

One of the day's double-figure total of Spotted Flycatchers at the Bill © Martin Cade: