7th November

After being maybe quite upbeat about the prospects for autumn having plenty more in store, today's happenings were uneventful enough to throw in more than a few doubts: under a clear sky grounded arrivals amounted to next to nothing, whilst some vestiges of passage overhead did little to enthuse. The Jay remained at the Bill and there was some suspicion that more than one individual might be involved although that couldn't be fully confirmed; the Hen Harrier was also still in residence at the Bill, with singles of Merlin, Black Redstart and Bullfinch there and Short-eared Owl at Cheyne providing a little more interest. Overhead, Wood Pigeon, Chaffinch and Goldfinch returned well into three figure totals but the back-up totals of, for example, just 14 Siskins, 6 Bramblings, 2 Redwings, a Lapwing and a Redpoll provided evidence enough that there wasn't a rich vein of movement to tap into.