6th September

Today's blisteringly hot and sunny conditions mightn't have been what would usually be considered propitious but they certainly came up with the goods, with Wrynecks again constant performers - at least 3 were at the Bill - a brief Ortolan Bunting at the Bill providing some better quality and another hatful of common migrants to sift through. Although Wheatears were still the most conspicuous of the commoner arrivals with at least 75 at the Bill alone, the make up of the day's tally was subtly different to recent days: Sedge Warblers totalled a good 40 at the Bill and at least 20 Swifts were overhead at Weston (both good totals for September), whilst Blackcaps in particular are beginning to come to the fore in the thicker cover.

The very showy Wryneck beside the Bill lighthouse continued to be very showy © Martin Cade: (video) and Roy Norris (still):

One of the many Wheatears at the Bill © Martin King