22nd April

As the wind whipped itself into a frenzy overnight and remaining firmly in the east, it was no surprise that much of the focus of the day turned to the sea. A veritable wader-fest greeted our eyes with ten species across the island. Bar-tailed Godwits were the undoubted highlight with 520 past the Bill throughout the day and 780 past or over Chesil during early and late watches there. Whimbrels held the next highest spot with 71 past Chesil and 41 off the Bill. Bringing up the rear were 12 Grey Plovers and single figures of Ringed Plover, Knot, Sanderling, Purple Sandpiper, Dunlin, Common Sandpiper and Curlew. Other sea-based highlights included five Little Gulls, six Arctic Skuas and 265 Manx Shearwaters off the Bill. With the wind tearing through most of the suitable habitat, land-based migrants were thin on the ground but two firsts for the year came in the form of a Hobby and two Swifts through along West Cliffs; a Garden Warbler at the Obs was also the first trapped for the year. 

The godwit-fest continued at Chesil...

...with an overland Little Gull another nice sight there © Joe Stockwell:

Although most of the godwits continuing their arduous journey onward, a few stopped to refuel at Ferrybridge © Pete Saunders

The Little Terns are increasing in number at Ferrybridge, and beginning to show off to their admirers © Debby Saunders