15th July

A cooler, overcast day saw yesterday's star warbler replaced by the first Sedge Warbler and the second Grasshopper Warbler of the autumn; the Long-eared Owl was still present but it didn't show up until dusk when it appeared hunting in the Strips. The warbler promise came early in the day but didn't foreshadowed a wider movement, with a pulse of a few dozen Swifts overhead as good as it got on the land. The sea was extremely quiet for most of the morning but the evening saw a return to form with the arrival of 50+ Balearic Shearwaters and 30+ Manx Shearwaters feeding off the Bill along with a minimum of 25 Common Terns. Ferrybridge was less eventful that in recent days but fresh in were three Sanderling, two Whimbrels and a Curlew.