28th March

What looked to be pretty well a re-run of yesterday's weather sadly didn't come with a re-run of yesterday's birds. The Hoopoe lingered on at Reap Lane but numbers-wise there was little to get excited about as the likes of Swallow, Sand Martin, Wheatear and Chiffchaff all struggled to get beyond the 25-30 mark at the Bill; 5 Black Redstarts, a Merlin, a Moorhen (the lingering bird at Culverwell) and a Redpoll provided very minor interest there, with Reap Lane chipping in with another single Black Redstart.

The Hoopoe's still showing nicely at Reap Lane © Pete Saunders:

Although still well short of equalling Chiffchaff in numbers, Willow Warblers are beginning to get more numerous; this one was at Southwell today © Nick Stantiford: