6th August

Bill: Land Sedge Warbler 30, Willow Warbler 25, Wheatear 16, Tree Pipit 1, Grasshopper Warbler 1, Reed Warbler 1, Garden Warbler 1. Sea Common Scoter 36, Balearic Shearwater 24, Dunlin 5, Manx Shearwater 3, Arctic Skua 3, Yellow-legged Gull 3, Sanderling 1.
Ferrybridge: Ringed Plover 100, Mediterranean Gull 78, Sanderling 4, Grey Plover 1.
Obs immigrant moths: Silver Y 21, Dark Sword Grass 16, Rusty-dot Pearl 1.

We're not that well up on the sometimes complicated matter of ageing terns and are away from the required literature but we presume that this weirdly-plumaged Common Tern at Ferrybridge this morning is most likely an immature (first- or second-summer) © Pete Saunders: