13th May

The fact that a Willow Warbler wasn't ringed at the Obs for the first time since 31st March summed up the state of play on the common migrant front - very slow today and most likely very nearly over for the spring as a whole. Some drizzly rain either side of dawn did drop an itsy-bitsy selection of routine fare that included a total of 20 Spotted Flycatchers from everywhere visited but nothing else in any quantity; 2 Hobbies over the Bill and another over Blacknor were the best of the less frequent migrants. The fresh onshore breeze offered hope for the seawatchers but 3 each of Great Skua and Pomarine Skua, a single Arctic Skua and a well into three figure total of Manx Shearwaters was all that could be garnered from the Bill.

Immigrant moth numbers picked up a little, with 13 Silver Y, 12 Diamond-back Moth, 2 Dark Sword Grass and singles of Rush Veneer, Rusty-dot Pearl and Pearly Underwing trapped overnight at the Obs.