20th May

The Great Spotted Cuckoo entered its second week in residence, today largely remaining at Reap Lane although late in the day it did wander as far as Top Fields. New arrivals at the Bill consisted of just 3 Spotted Flycatchers, 2 Yellow Wagtails, 2 Wheatears, a Turtle Dove and a Chiffchaff on the ground and a light passage of mainly Swallows overhead, whilst another Turtle Dove lingered for a second day at Southwell. The sea was well-watched but didn't come up with much more than 2 Great Northern Divers and singles of Arctic Skua and Great Skua through off the Bill.

Great Spotted Cuckoo - Reap Lane, 20th May 2016 © Mike Trew

And a bit of catching up with photos we've been sent in the last few days. We'd forgotten to mention a few new for the year butterflies that are now on the wing, amongst which have been Dingy Skipper and Common Blue; Ken Dolbear kindly sent through photos of both from Bottomcombe (on 15th and 14th May respectively):

These two Sanderling were settled on the rocks at the Bill on 15th May (photo from Ann & Noel Hand):

...and the Ravens have been a real nuisance at the Bill auk colony where they've been filching Guillemot eggs for the last fortnight (photo from James Phillips on 15th May):