2nd November

The first hours of daylight today saw the gung-ho contingent of what was seemingly a much larger 'along the mainland coast' movement of pigeons and finches attempt a Channel crossing in what must have been borderline conditions: 4400 Wood Pigeons made up the bulk of the movement, with 330 Goldfinches and 250 Starlings tagging along. What were borderline conditions for visible migrants were prohibitively grim for observers on the ground who struggled to find any shelter from the wind: a Black Redstart at the Bill and 2 Firecrests at Pennsylvania Castle were the only noteworthy discoveries. After an unproductive morning the seawatchers saw interest perk up a little during the afternoon, when a Leach's Petrel and an Arctic Skua passed through Chesil Cove and 4 Little Gulls lingered off the beach.

In conditions that didn't look at all inviting the morning's pigeons were undeterred: most flocks gained height just off the Bill and were watched until they disappeared from view still heading south © Martin Cade: