28th September

Still no profound change in the weather although the wind abating by a few notches was very welcome from the point of view of at least imagining you stood a chance of finding/seeing what was about on the land. In what would usually be considered an unhelpful offshore breeze it was the sea that returned the event of the day in the form of the third highest day-total of Balearic Shearwaters ever recorded at the Bill (only beaten by 627 on 9th August 1978 and 532 on 20th August 2016). Passerine numbers improved but were still far lower than might be hoped in late September, with hirundines in particular inexplicably almost entirely absent.

Portland Bill
Migrants Meadow Pipit 700, Linnet 270, alba wagtail 150, Chiffchaff 40, Siskin 15, Blackcap 15, Skylark 12, Goldrest 6, with other totals including Firecrest 2.
Sea passage auk spp 435e, Balearic Shearwater 404w 8e, Kittiwake 35w 10e.

Chiffchaff 30, Goldcrest 4.

Immigrants Obs: Turnip 11, Pearly Underwing 9, Delicate 7, Rush Veneer 5, Rusty-dot Pearl 4, Dark Sword Grass 2, Silver Y 2, Diamond-back 1, Painted Lady butterfly 1.