24th May

Portland Bill
Grey Heron 2w, Black-headed Gull 1etc, Bee-eater 1w over the Obs at 09:00, Spotted Flycatcher 1.

The weirdest arrival of the day was this escaped Goldfinch (it was ringed with avicultural rings); we're told that in the cage-bird trade these pale birds are known as Siberian Goldfinches which seems rather appropriate for this ghostly-pale individual © Martin Cade:

Today's Bee-eater passed by so rapidly that you'd have needed a camera literally up at your eye as it called for the first time to have got a meaningful image of it - we spent so long running about bellowing for other birders that we knew were in the vicinity that our only binocular view of it was as a vanishing speck! However, even without the odd single rares that are the rule at this time of year there are plenty of nice local residents to get amongst - this Barn Owl was on the roadside at Southwell at dusk...

...whilst the offshore gull flock continues to be a fantastic spectacle even if it hasn't attracted anything better than the Sooty Shearwater so far this summer © Martin Cade:

Clear air in Dorset today, this is Portland Bill taken from Hardy's Monument, a distance of 12.5 miles (20km). Lighthouse clearly visible as is the Stopery to the left. A section of the Fleet, with Rifle range, is visible in the foreground. @PortlandBirdObs pic.twitter.com/9M5LEY01v5