2nd September

A much quieter day with a distinct bite to the wind to remind us that summer is nearly over. Despite the chill the sun continued to shine and the Painted Ladys continued to move in force. Passerine migrants were thinner on the ground than in recent days with highlights of just two a piece of  Redstart and Pied Flycatcher and double figures of Wheatears. The sea was much quieter too with singles of Arctic Skua, Balearic Shearwater and Sandwich Tern. Ferrybridge maintained its form for variety with Black-tailed Godwit again and four Mute Swans new for the autumn.

Ferrybridge rarely has a dull day at the moment and today was no exception with a fly-by Arctic Skua (...we're a bit concerned about the skua - it's in a weird plumage that we're not really familiar with at close range but it seems to have eg just two outer primaries with white shafts) and 5 Redshank © Debby Saunders (skua underside) & Pete Saunders (skua upperside and Redshank):