10th June

Still rather breezy today but for a change perfectly birdable on the land in nice warm sunshine. Another brief fly-by Serin showed up - this time over Culverwell - but the only other newcomers there were singles of Whitethroat and Blackcap, both of which looked likely to be failed breeders. Sea interest dwindled away still further, with nothing more than a trickle of Manx Shearwaters and a single Arctic Skua through off the Bill.

On the immigrant moth front both numbers and variety were very poor, with singles of Delicate and Scarce Bordered Straw providing the best of the interest at the Obs.

This buzzard (being dived on by a Peregrine) was the chief frustration of the day: it had presumably just arrived in off the sea over the Obs but sadly wasn't spotted until it had already gone over and was powering away to the northwest; it looked very likely to have been a Honey Buzzard but was one of those things that you felt maybe wasn't quite 100% clinched © Martin Cade:

Although immigrant moth numbers have dropped away this is a good time of year for some of the island's speciality indigenous species; this quite early Chalk Carpet was the first of the season at the Obs today:

...whilst Portland Ribbon Waves have been on the wing since the beginning of the month - this one at the Grove on 2nd June was our first for the year © Martin Cade: