5th October

A thoroughly dispiriting day with meaningful fieldwork thwarted by constant pulses of rain or drizzle. Despite most probably arriving far too early in the night the claggy conditions had looked quite promising for dropping some migrants but what little coverage there was couldn't come up with much more than single Yellow-browed Warblers lingering on at Avalanche Road and Portland Castle and a thin scatter of commoner migrants at most spots that were covered; single Firecrests at the Obs and Pennsylvania Castle, and a Short-eared Owl at the Bill were the only other oddities reported. The fresh southerly wind did very little for the sea, with only 2 Great Skuas and a single Balearic Shearwater logged at the Bill.

Almost astonishingly considering how mild the air was not a single recognised immigrant moth was caught overnight at the Obs, although singles of Autumnal Rustic and Oak (or Eastern?) Nycteoline were good local records.